toggl: great time-tracker, especially for people billing by the hour!

HT @toggl

I am constantly trying to improve upon my organizational skills, keep track of how I spend my time, and battle the inner procrastinator. I have tried many online tools and apps to assist in the quest for time-keeping perfection and the most useful tool I have found is toggl

It’s free. It’s easy to use. It’s web based. Oh and it’s FREE.


At my job, I have to submit my time sheet electronically, and my biggest problem there has always been: I’m great at tracking Mondays, and by Wednesdays I’d fall off the wagon, causing me to think, “Now what was it I worked on this week?” by Friday when I had to submit my time.

With toggl, I just keep the website up, hit the “Start” button on the timer as I begin a new task, name the task, hit “Stop” when I’m done and the cycle continues all day long.

The nicest part of all, toggl emails me a pretty report at the end of the week, with all my work details. Here’s a small sample of last week’s report:


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