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The Ghost Pillow

Real-Time Cooling Pillow

At 5’1” some would call me a shorty. I also am at a point in my life where night sweats have been tormenting me. Add that to the fact that I have degenerative disc disease in my neck – it all equals pillow-issues. I cannot sleep on most pillows out there on the market. In fact, when I travel, I tote my old-fashioned feather pillow along because most pillows in hotels don’t cut the muster for me either.

I recently stumbled upon a campaign for the GhostPillow – try one for free in exchange for doing a review. So I decided I’d give it a try.

The Packaging

The pillow was packaged nicely in a good, sturdy box. There were a few printed marketing materials included.


The Trial

In prepping to sleep the first night with my new GhostPillow, I was confused if I was supposed to put a pillowcase over it or sleep on it as-is. Since the fabric of the pillow has been engineered to provide coolness and air flow, after doing some more online searching I decided I was probably not supposed to cover the pillow. (Note to GhostPillow marketing: Kindly note that in some of the literature that is enclosed with the packaging).

Real-Time Cooling Pillow

What allows for the cooling – the materials:

The dimensions of the GhostPillow are W 16″ x L 23″ x H 6″. It is a very firm pillow with memory-foam characteristics. Note- the  imprint of my hand:


The quilted cooling cover was kind of scratchy and felt weird to me. I’m a side-sleeper, and the fabric just didn’t feel soft or billowy against my cheek – what I was used to and prefer.


The 6” height didn’t suit my petite/short stature and cervical spine (neck) issues.

But was it Cool?

I did sleep coolly and am not sure if the pillow contributed to that or just mother nature being kind for once. But I’ll give GhostPillow a +1 for that night.

Final Thoughts?

I prefer my old feather pillow to the Ghost. Important to note that each GhostPillow includes a 101-Night Sleep Trial, Free Shipping & an industry leading 5 year warranty – so had I purchased the pillow I would most likely be sending it back and taking advantage of the warranty.

However, I had my son try it out and he absolutely LOVED the GhostPillow – even said it was the most comfortable pillow he had ever slept upon. My son is tall and lanky and has no neck pain as I do.

To discover more about the GhostPillow, go to

Note: This was a sponsored post from GhostPillow. I received a GhostPillow to try in exchange for my honest review, but the opinions expressed are entirely my own. #sponsoredpost #GhostPillow