Black Friday Shopping is Just Around the Corner! Here’s how to Save and Find the Best Bargains

My daughters are all grown and out of the house, living their own lives these days. But on of our favorite holiday traditions when they still lived at home was getting up at the crack of dawn, the Friday following Thanksgiving, to rush to the local stores for Black Friday Deals!

We’d wake up bleary-eyed, pile into the car, grab a breakfast at the 24 hour diner, plenty of coffee for me and then head to whomever had the best door-buster deals. You’d make new friends as you waited in line with the other early birds, chatting while we all waited for the doors to open. It was always a fun and exciting adventure to rush through the front doors…and head for the aisles where the ONE THING we had to have was waiting for us! One year, it was a Furby (remember those?). Another year we got a $19 DVD player. But my most fun Black Friday memory involves Kohl’s.

One year, Kohl’s was giving away $10 Kohl’s Cash coupons just for walking in the door, and you were allowed to combine the coupons if you happened to have more than one! That was basically $10 of free money being given to you!  We saw there was a store employee perched at the front door, handing out the coupons. We laid out a great plan: I’d go in the front door, accept the first coupon, walk through the store, and out the back door. Then each daughter did the same. We then walked around the outside of the store, and back through the front door, collecting three more coupons. Then we did it again. And again. literally each made three or four round trips – in the front door of Kohls, out the back door, around the building and through the front door again – collecting $10 coupons every time we walked inside. They never did catch on (please don’t send Kohl’s security to round me up, now! LOL)!

These days, I do 99% of all my shopping online. My schedule is crazy busy and I just don’t have the time to shop. Amazon is my BFF and they offer some great Black Friday deals. As do many of the other online versions of brick-and-mortar stores.

For some GREAT Black Friday tips, suggestions, and ideas, check out, at There you can see things like what dates stores will most likely release their Black Friday ads, what times the stores are likely to open (based on 2018’s data), as well as when to keep your eyes open for the online deals once November hits. Slickdeals’ will do the research for you as to where to find the best buys and bargains for Black Friday, as well as other deals throughout the year. Sign up for Deal Alerts, like the Amazon Deal alert I subscribe to, and let slickdeals know if you want the alerts to be mobile, email or both. Coupons, discount codes and other great ways to save will come your way as a slickdeals subscriber. Check it out and sign up early so you get notified early when the sales and deals begin!

Whether you’ll do your shopping online or head out with the early birds on November 29th, I wish you happy bargain hunting for Black Friday, 2019!

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