Wellness Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Milk does a body good. Eating carrots gives you better eyesight. Cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis. How many of these myths were you taught to believe over the years?

These falsehoods have been woven into the fabric of our culture, and blindly accepted as facts. Here we will address some wellness myths that are widely thought to be false. 

  • Starving Yourself Helps with Weight Loss

It is a common misconception that starvation diets lead to dramatic weight loss. While this myth makes sense, it is not founded in fact. Science tells us that when the body is starved and underfed, it goes into starvation prevention mode. This results in rebound weight gain.

  • Muscles Turn into Fat when You Stop Working Out

It is a common myth that muscles convert to fat after you stop working out for an extended period. When people stop working out, they typically adopt lousy eating habits. This and the lowered metabolism is what results in the weight gain after stopping a weight training program. 

  • You Shouldn’t Eat Carbs

Carbohydrates have gotten a nasty rap over recent years. Personal trainers and dieticians routinely tell their clients that they should eliminate carbs from their diets. The truth is that carbs are a fundamental part of a balanced diet. 

  • Chocolate Causes Acne

Chocolate has wrongly been accused of being a root cause for acne. A study was conducted using 65 subjects that were given chocolate bars containing excessive amounts of chocolate. The study showed that there was no discernable increase in acne.

  • Coffee Can Stunt the Growth of Children

You have no doubt heard that drinking coffee can hinder childhood development. This myth is based on the notion that caffeine can lead to osteoporosis, which is a vitamin D deficiency that weakens bones. Doctors indicate that any effect that caffeine will have is minimal.  

  • Diet Trends are Healthy

There always seems to be a new diet that pops up. Diets like keto, paleo, and other restrictive diets that dramatically alter eating habits are not necessarily healthy. These diets can easily lead to the development of eating disorders if they are done obsessively. 

  • There is No Allergy Season in Arizona

Before you sell your home and start searching for beautiful Phoenix homes for sale to escape your allergy attacks, you should know that there is an allergy season in Arizona. The desert has been said to be suitable for allergy sufferers. There are actually native plants in Arizona that cause allergies. Some of these plants pose an allergy threat all year. 


While it may be hard to believe that so many of the things we have been taught to believe are simply not true, these instances show that we have to base our beliefs on scientific proof and evidence rather than myths that are orally passed down over the years. Some tales are so widespread that even when we hear the truth, there is part of us that still wish to believe them. Always do your research before blindly accepting wellness information from others.

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