Growing With Google

File Jan 17, 4 16 01 PM

I am proud to say that I have been selected as a Grow With Google Scholarship recipient, and am starting with Udacity’s Front End Developer course!

The invitation to apply arrived in my inbox in November, buried within one of the many Women in Tech lists I am subscribed to, and I thought, “Why not?”.

According to the “Welcome” video, there were 100,000 applications received, so I am excited to have made the cut for round one.

The course is online, offered through Udacity. I have taken other courses on Udacity, so I knew the quality of the content and lessons would be worthwhile. They have given us three months to complete the course for this first go round. Students that complete all the course work on time and that are active in the online community will be vetted to see if they are then chosen to go on to complete the full Nano Degree program.

This first level of the program is basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jquery,  DOM and the final project will be a Pixel Art Maker created by me, that will encompass all the skills learned (hopefully!) in the program.

The skills I will pick up through the program will be a nice addition to my database, back-end experience.


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