Are you recognized as a leader in your field? If not, are you ready to be?

Are you recognized as a leader in your field? If not, are you ready to be? That is the tag line for the announcement that applications are being accepted for the third installation of the ODTUG Leadership Program. Are you considering applying? If not, you should be!…You won’t find a more encouraging group than the ODTUG leaders. They are some amazing people who are there to help you grow and shine, and offer support and guidance along the way. I am extremely grateful to have been through the program and hope we see more and more people come through.

I wrote those words over a year ago as part of the pitch, when ODTUG announced the opening of the application period for the 2015-2016 Leadership Program, and they ring true just as much now as they did then.

I discovered ODTUG three years ago, in April of 2013, when I stumbled upon some content during a Google search, to help answer a technical question I was researching. On July 16, 2013 I became a full, paying member in order to gain access to past webinars and conference presentations, and doing so has become one of the best decisions I have made. Not only have my technical skills benefited from the knowledge I’ve gained from their content, my life has become enhanced by the amazing group of people associated with this user group. Not only have I made great professional contacts through ODTUG, even better – I’ve  made some wonderful friends, who I am so grateful for and who enhance my life on a daily basis.

kscope16 event

Kscope16 Special Event, Roaring 20’s Party in Chicago. With husband Joe, and very special friends, Chet, Sarah and Andy


Photo courtesy of ODTUG. “That” guy on the left – I’m a big fan. He’s helped me over many hurdles.

In the three years since joining, I have contributed to the organization by serving as a content review committee member for Kscopes 15 and 16, being an active member of the Database Community, and in the 2014-2015 year, I applied and was accepted into the Leadership Program. The Leadership Program consisted of virtually attending monthly webinars, that were always engaging, enlightening, and inspiring, and whose lessons have definitely contributed to the person I am today.


2015-2016 Leadership Program Grads, and a few of us 2014 grads.

This year, I can add Kscope16 presenter to my list of contributions, as well as having the honor of being the leader for the 2016-2017 incoming Leadership program class!


Me and my most awesome co-presenter, Chet Justice


Applications are now being accepted and the deadline to apply is 8/14/16. Apply here: ODTUG 2016-2017 Leadership Program Application




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