Heading to Kscope16

Tomorrow morning I’ll be on the way to one of the best tech conferences I have ever attended – ODTUG’s Kscope. 

What makes this conference stand out above the rest? Content, fun, great people!

I virtually knew many folks in the Oracle Developer and EPM communities before attending my first Kscope conference last summer, from our communications on social media. So it was great to meet so many IRL after having texted, emailed, Tweeted and Facebook-liked each other’s posts for many many months. 

This year, thanks to the encouragement of Chet Justice,   (@oraclenerd ) who has become one of my closest friends and mentors,  I’ll be presenting for the first time at Kscope, and for only the second time, ever. Chet graciously offered  to be by my side as my co-presenter and “PL/SQL Outtakes” can be seen Tuesday at 3:30. 

I’m looking forward to seeing friends, learning from some of the best Oracle folks on the planet, and enjoying Chicago!

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