BA – Here I Come!

I have been a software developer for the past 20 years. I have so many friends in the BI/BA side of the house that my curiosity got the best of me- and as of 8/29 I’ll be pursuing an MS in Business Analytics. There is a dual program option – where with the addition of five more classes, I could get the MBA as well as MS degree. 

Time will tell if I am cutout for this. I have already been networking with my fellow Fox School of Business classmates, faculty and staff. Here is a glimpse of last night’s soirée at Indepenece Beer Garden:

I recently met with my Program Director who gave me a list of websites addressing statistics-basics  to help me “get up to speed” over the summer. (So much for magazines on the beach or poolside). 

And I’ll be attending the ODTUG pre-Kscope16 Meetup with the Philly EPM community folks next week.

A friend asked me why I’m seeking  out this second master’s degree. I said it’s because I want to learn about business  analytics . She said “You can read about business analytics on the web if you want to learn about it. You don’t have to get a Master’s degree in it!”.  True enough – but with my free tuition benefit as an employee of Temple University – why NOT go for the gold? Plus I’m no way disciplined enough to take the time to learn something on my own. I get too easily distracted.  

Here I go!


About Helen J. Sanders

Assistant Director, Applications Development Services in the Student Collaboration Center at Temple University. Oracle database developer and enthusiast. Active in ODTUG. Serving on the Board of Directors for the Temple University Alumni Association, the Temple College of Education Alumni Association, and Vice President of the Network of Women with Careers in Technology.

4 responses to “BA – Here I Come!”

  1. Erica Harris says :

    Go Helen!


  2. Kathy says :

    …because you can!! Good for you 😀
    Will a result be changing your position at work?


  3. melanietsang says :

    I am also applying for MSBA in the United States. But I don’t have any programming background. I’ve only learned some HTML and CSS if they counts 🙂 Would you recommend any online class to learn R and Python?


    • Helen J. Sanders says :

      Hi Melanie,
      Apologies that I didn’t see your comment until today. I personally have signed up for both R and Python courses at both Udemy and Udacity. Many are free, and they also run frequent specials for $10 courses. I hope that helps!


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