BA – Here I Come!

I have been a software developer for the past 20 years. I have so many friends in the BI/BA side of the house that my curiosity got the best of me- and as of 8/29 I’ll be pursuing an MS in Business Analytics. There is a dual program option – where with the addition of five more classes, I could get the MBA as well as MS degree. 

Time will tell if I am cutout for this. I have already been networking with my fellow Fox School of Business classmates, faculty and staff. Here is a glimpse of last night’s soirée at Indepenece Beer Garden:

I recently met with my Program Director who gave me a list of websites addressing statistics-basics  to help me “get up to speed” over the summer. (So much for magazines on the beach or poolside). 

And I’ll be attending the ODTUG pre-Kscope16 Meetup with the Philly EPM community folks next week.

A friend asked me why I’m seeking  out this second master’s degree. I said it’s because I want to learn about business  analytics . She said “You can read about business analytics on the web if you want to learn about it. You don’t have to get a Master’s degree in it!”.  True enough – but with my free tuition benefit as an employee of Temple University – why NOT go for the gold? Plus I’m no way disciplined enough to take the time to learn something on my own. I get too easily distracted.  

Here I go!

4 thoughts on “BA – Here I Come!

  1. I am also applying for MSBA in the United States. But I don’t have any programming background. I’ve only learned some HTML and CSS if they counts 🙂 Would you recommend any online class to learn R and Python?


    • Hi Melanie,
      Apologies that I didn’t see your comment until today. I personally have signed up for both R and Python courses at both Udemy and Udacity. Many are free, and they also run frequent specials for $10 courses. I hope that helps!


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