The Ebb and Flow of Energy and Enthusiasm

Being busy and involved is something I thrive on. But there are times, when I want to keep my head under the covers when the alarm rings, and “do nothing” all day. Then there are days when I feel like I can tackle the whole world, and shout, “BRING IT!“.

I imagine this tidal pattern of energy and enthusiasm cannot be unique just to me. It MUST happen to all busy people. Leaders are constantly under the gun to perform, to always be on their game. Some days I am 110% up to the challenge. Others – meh. Not so much.

Finding a balance is key. I haven’t quite worked this out yet. I teeter-totter between “Go team!” and “Leave me alone”. I’d really like to hear from anyone who feels they have mastered the balance, are good at keeping the energy flow going, at replenishing.

I’m already eating well, working in more exercise to the daily routine- which definitely helps. However, I find when I try to do down-time, I end up drowning in it. Recently I spent an entire week’s worth of evenings, on the couch in front of the TV – which horrifies me. I just could not get motivated to DO anything.

Thoughts? How do YOU stay motivated? Where’s YOUR balance?

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