A Day of Firsts

Flipping the calendar

Flipping the calendar

Today started a new month.

I love that feeling flipping the calendar to a new month brings: A wrapping-up of last month’s projects, pitfalls, victories and life lessons, rewarded with a clean slate.

And so, here it is. After much nail-biting, self-reflection, self-doubt, quashing of the internal “impostor”, and with the encouragement of many smart and talented friends, I present to you, a blog.

Just writing those words doesn’t even feel natural – not yet. I’m stumbling, but bear with me. I promise to get better.

My intention for this space is to offer up cheery little technical antidotes, amid lessons-learned and (hopefully) some humor.

Welcome, September 1st. Thanks for the hope. Thanks for the fresh start.


About Helen J. Sanders

Assistant Director, Applications Development Services in the Student Collaboration Center at Temple University. Oracle database developer and enthusiast. Active in ODTUG. Serving on the Board of Directors for the Temple University Alumni Association, the Temple College of Education Alumni Association, and Vice President of the Network of Women with Careers in Technology.

3 responses to “A Day of Firsts”

  1. Justin says :

    Awesome. Welcome and good luck in your writing endeavors!


  2. chetjustice says :

    Perfect. Where’s the next one?


  3. Jennifer says :

    Good luck! I can’t wait to read everything.


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